Lightning Bugs and Bullfrogs

Summer has arrived in Atlanta. If high temperature, sweltering humidity, the Peachtree Road Race, and mosquitos were not enough, bullfrogs and fireflies treat us to a visual and auditory display on a summer evening. We have all heard bullfrogs (Lithobates catesbeianus) and seen the blinking of fireflies (Photuris lucicrescens) on a summer evening. Besides being… Continue reading

Euphemisms and the Detritus of Life

Euphemism (eu•phe•mism ˈyo͞ofəˌmizəm) use seems to have exploded in the Guilded Age of political correctness.  We are so concerned about offending anyone by our speech, that we resort to tortuous, oblique, and awkward phrases.  In addition to being nonoffensive, we seek to remove all unpleasantries from our conversation.  To be sure the litigiousness of American… Continue reading