Lightning Bugs and Bullfrogs

American Bullfrog Sexual Dimorphism

Summer has arrived in Atlanta. If high temperature, sweltering humidity, the Peachtree Road Race, and mosquitos were not enough, bullfrogs and fireflies treat us to a visual and auditory display on a summer evening. We have all heard bullfrogs (Lithobates

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Euphemisms and the Detritus of Life

Bone Yard, Boot Hill, Perpetual Care Garden, Final Resting Place, etc. are all euphemisms.

Euphemism (eu•phe•mism ˈyo͞ofəˌmizəm) use seems to have exploded in the Guilded Age of political correctness.  We are so concerned about offending anyone by our speech, that we resort to tortuous, oblique, and awkward phrases.  In addition to being nonoffensive, we

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Something New!

Kicking the bucket is a well know idiom.  It actually originated when hanging were in vogue.  One stood on a bucket as the noose was tighten around the neck.  Once done, the executioner kicked the bucket.
Kick the bucket is a well known idiom. It originated at a time when hanging was in fashion. Victims stood on a bucket as an executioner placed a noose around their neck and then kicked the bucket.

George Carlin did hilarious routines about language.  I always thought his observations about the absurdity of some aspects of our language were some of his best work. This is something new for me.  If successful I want to do two

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Hospital Hierarchy

Nurse Cartoon

Over the last six months or so, I have spent a lot of time in a hospital, where I observed a small part of the hospital hierarchy in an up close and personal way.  At the top of the hierarchy

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I’m Back

Hospital Urinal

Thanks to all of you who sent messages wishing me a speedy recovery.  I returned home from the hospital a week ago, and am only now ready to sit down at the computer.  This visit, like all the others, reminds

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