I’m Special!

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  Most people are not particularly good at anything. Those with low self-esteem probably earned it. George Carlin It is all Al Franken’s fault. If Franken had not come up with the character Stuart Smiley from his days on Saturday

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Shoes and Greed

Nike Little
Nike and College Athletics
Original cartoon by Jeremy Lin http://www.cartoonaday.com/cartoon-jeremy-lin-expecting-nike-payout/

  It’s a habit of mine now, noticing labels, logos, shoes. Michael Jordan Recruiting promising athletes for collegiate programs is big business. Basketball and football are proven moneymakers for almost any college or university. Alumni contribute generously to their alma

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Daylight Saving Time: Another Capitalist Plot

Spring Forward Cartoon
Spring Forward

Clocks determine so much of daily life. Businesses open at the same time every day, schools start at the same time every day, we commute to work at the same time every day, and we leave work at the same

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Cotton in the Bottle

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Cotton in the Bottle

I have taken a lot of pills lately, and recently, I was reminded of an Andy Rooney commentary on CBS News 60 Minutes.  Rooney was the quintessential curmudgeon, and had the uncanny ability to find irony and humor in the

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Unapologetically Average

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Words associated with "average."

I aspire to be average, normal, regular, unexceptional. Odd, right? Considering that being characterized as average is usually seen as an insult. In our society, parents are admonished to do all they can to enhance the self-esteem of their offspring.

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