Euphemisms and the Detritus of Life

Euphemism (eu•phe•mism ˈyo͞ofəˌmizəm) use seems to have exploded in the Guilded Age of political correctness.  We are so concerned about offending anyone by our speech, that we resort to tortuous, oblique, and awkward phrases.  In addition to being nonoffensive, we seek to remove all unpleasantries from our conversation.  To be sure the litigiousness of American… Continue reading

Something New!

George Carlin did hilarious routines about language.  I always thought his observations about the absurdity of some aspects of our language were some of his best work. This is something new for me.  If successful I want to do two more in addition to this one on idioms.  So please share your comments. The blog is… Continue reading

Hospital Hierarchy

Over the last six months or so, I have spent a lot of time in a hospital, where I observed a small part of the hospital hierarchy in an up close and personal way.  At the top of the hierarchy is management/administration.  I am sure that there are many fine hospital administrators around, but in… Continue reading

I’m Back

Thanks to all of you who sent messages wishing me a speedy recovery.  I returned home from the hospital a week ago, and am only now ready to sit down at the computer.  This visit, like all the others, reminds me to take life one day at a time and not spend so much time… Continue reading